Dreaming Mary OST

by harmonicblend

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luvinminutes thumbnail
luvinminutes The theme of this ost is so solid and pleasingly spooky in every instance, I just love each song and how evocative each song is of the character/circumstance they represent. I love basically everything harmonicblend has put out and look forward to both their video game and musical endeavors! Favorite track: Dreaming Mary ~Instrumental~.
Austin Swann
Austin Swann thumbnail
Austin Swann I'm obssessed with this soundtrack!!! Keep doing what you're doing. :D
kajok04 thumbnail
kajok04 I like how it sounds like an anime. It sounds cool Favorite track: nightmareish.
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Dreaming Mary is an original game created on RMVX Ace Lite. It is a 2D sidescrolling adventure game with mild horror elements in a shocking contrast to the game's cute and dreamy graphics.

HP: dreaming-games.tumblr.com

This OST features music by Trass and vocals by Usachii.
Trass: soundcloud.com/trass84
Usachii: www.youtube.com/user/Usachiichan

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released April 17, 2014

Music: Trass
Vocals: Usachii

Specific credits:
nightmareish: Lyrics by Geiky, mix by Clea
Dreaming Mary ~Mari~: vocals by accha



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dreaming Mary
Shine flower like a star so bright
Drooping petals so white
Track Name: nightmareish
長い日の陽炎 そっとじっと 眠らせそうみたい
Nagai hi no kagerou sotto jitto nemurase soumitai
The heat haze of this long day appears to put me to sleep, gently, quietly
真黒な 空間は なんか・ちょっと 優しくなったのように
Makkura na kuukan wa nanka;chotto yasashiku natta no you ni
As if this black vacancy became somewhat a little gentler to me

静かに 溺れる 泡沫上げる 舞う気味
Shizuka ni oboreru utakata ageru mau gimi
Silently drowning; rising bubbles, just like fluttering
寂しく 待っている 藍さが満つ 匂う罪に
Samishiku matteru aosa ga mitsu niou tsumi ni
Desolately waiting; I'm filled with blueness in this fragnant sin

束縛に 囚われた 私は 夢魔見ている
Sokubaku ni torawareta watashi wa muma miteiru
Captured in shackles, I am nightmareing
刻薄な 幻は    私に なんか甘いすぎそう だね
Kokuhaku na maboroshi wa watashi ni nanka amai sugisou da ne
This cruel illusion is kind of too sweet for me... isn't it?

Machi no oto wa
The sounds of the town
Mou kikoenai
I can't hear them anymore.

The night is coming
My fears are drowning
The night is going
My tears are flowing

闇夜の金縛り びりびりと 包んでしまうのに
Anya no kanashibari biribiri to tsutsunde shimau no ni
The dark night's sleep paralysis shocks and bites, engulfing me
真白な万華鏡 じりじりと 愛しくなる気がして 
Masshiro na mangekyou jirijiri to itoshiku naru ki ga shite
Yet steadily, this white kaleidoscope comes to me... and everything seems a little more lovely.

密やかに 微睡む 痛みさえ忘れる 力む身
Hisoyaka ni madoromu itami sae wasureru rikimu mi
Secretly dozing off; this wore body forgets even pain
美しく 歪んで 咲く静寂 ズルイ夢に
Utsukushiku yugande saku seijaku zurui yume ni
Beautifully twisting; the silence blooms in unfair dreams

渇望に縛られた 私は 夢魔溶ける
Katsubou ni shibarareta watashi wa muma tokeru
Tied in longing, I'm nightmelting
最悪な 記憶が 私と 眠る目覚めずに 甘く散り消えた
Sai'aku na kioku ga watashi to nemuru mezamezu ni amaku chiri kieta
The worst memories sleep beside me, sweetly scattering and without even waking up, they disappeared...

Très doucement 夢想は美味と変わり
Musou wa bimi to kawari
Visions become delicacies
Reverie bonbon 夢魔理想は甘いもの
Muma risou wa amaimono
A nightmare's ideal is a sweet

nightmareish revoir...
Track Name: Waking from the Dream
Shine flower like a star (star)
Drooping petals so white (white)
Track Name: Dreaming Mary ~Mary version~
Shine flower like a star so bright
Drooping petals so white